Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Target Practice

Another summer adventure in Idaho was shooting 22's out at the gravel pits. The girls got a pink 22 rifle for Christmas last year, and Nate got a 22 pistol for his birthday, so they were anxious to put them to some good use. Unfortunately there were no ground squirrels in close range :-) Reghan shot her first gun (with a lot of help from Dad), and Ryann shot out all of our targets before anyone else even had their guns out - she's the dead-eye in the family!


While we were in Arco Ralph put a new roof on my parents' house. He put it on in only two days, with some help from Kyle, Nate, & my Dad when he got home from work. I was very impressed! I wouldn't have even known where to start, and he just went to it & got it done. The girls had a wonderful time picking up the shingles they scraped off the roof - it was a full pickup load and then some!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Alturas Fun

Reghan had her first handful of sand at the beach - she's in that stage where everything goes in her mouth. She tried a lot of dirt & rocks at camp, but the first handful of sand was her last. It must not be as tasty as the rocks & dirt!

The kids had a lot of fun riding the tubes, knee board, and wakeboard. Nate, Ryann, & Carlie all got up on the knee board by themselves - they were pretty excited! They also had a great time on the tubes with Uncle Dallin's girls!

Family Camping Trip

We took our annual family vacation to Alturas Lake with my family the last week in July. I have thinking about (and probably doing a little pleading/whining about) buying a boat, and Ralph finally caved in, so we bought an amazing watercraft to take up there waterskiing. I was so excited when it was able to pull me out of the water on a ski! (I had my doubts, but it is a good old boat!) Reghan loved the boat rides so much that she slept through most of them; she did get a good laugh watching Nate on the knee board.