Monday, February 13, 2012

?Recent? Happenings :)

So...I thought I would just post some pictures of what we've been up to recently. Or since my last post which was probably about a year ago.
Lets see...
Some bike riding near Casper (I know, there aren't that many places to go around here!!). But this was a pretty drive. The kids had fun, and spotted a black bear on the way down the mountain. I love living where we can see all these amazing animals that other people only read about.

Um, some quality family time with my family. :) Whenever we all meet up, we try to play some basketball. This time, the volleyball nets were up, so we did that too. Cool shorts like these definitely elevate your game! Always lots of laughs and fun.

Kyle is a cheater...he served before Devri had her shorts fixed up right. But, like I said, cool shorts give you special powers. She has skills!

Some gardening! I'm not really sure it's worth all the effort, but there's something rewarding about gardening. And teaching your children the joy of hard work and reaping the rewards of that work. Reghan LOVED picking the green beans and carrots...whether they were ready or not.

Rides in Grandpa's airplane!

A little hunting (um, someone on that trip shot The Great Prince of the Forest, but rather than being scarred for life, Reghan was elated! "Don't forget the Great Prince, boys!" she kept saying. "Yum, he sure will be good eating!" I'm glad she enjoyed it :)

Halloween - Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz.

Lots of fun times...and more to come!