Sunday, February 28, 2010

New Year's Happenings

Wow! I have not been on here in forever. So I will attempt to catch you up on 2010 for the Obrays in the next few days...
For New Year's Ralph & I and my Mom and Dad flew to Las Vegas to see Garth Brooks' coming out of retirement concert! It was amazing, of course! I had told Ralph just before he went into retirement that there were only a handful of people I'd really like to see in concert...Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, and Garth Brooks. Then Garth went into retirement, and I thought all my concert dreams were over :-(. So when he decided to do these concerts in Vegas, we spent about 4 hours online trying to book times! But so worth it!
The concert was at the Wynn, which seems to be a pretty upscale place, and they requested everyone to dress up (I wore my country girl shirt just for the occasion :-), then out comes Garth in his jeans and a hoodie - nice. He was so personable and easy to love - besides just his music. Definitely one artist I would go see again and again.They didn't allow any cameras in the actual concert, so the only souvenir I got was a pic by the sign in the hallway. Lame-O!

Since Mom & I had never been to Vegas before, we spent the rest of our time just becoming acquainted with "sin city," the "look around and be totally shocked" kind of way!
My Mom claims she'd never seen a palm tree in real life before this trip, so we had to get some mementos with the palm trees in them!
Here we are on New Year's Eve on the strip. Holy smokes - I'm not really sure I want to be in that big a crowd again! I guess I'm just a small town girl after all. Everyone in this picture was in my bubble, and I thought about punching a few of them! As bad as that sounds, the whole New Year's Eve experience was better than I expected. I didn't get any alcohol spilled on me, and no one opened fire on the strip with a machine gun, so my two biggest worries were all for naught! jk, it was pretty crazy to see all the people and their outfits though!

Devri, Chelsie, Kyle, and Grandma Pope watched Reghan for us while we took off. I don't have any pictures to post of that - I'm pretty sure they destroyed all the evidence of what they did to her. I am pretty sure they fed her all their Christmas candy, though, because when we got back, her new word was "tandy," and she would cry if we didn't let her have it! Thanks, guys!
Actually, it was nice to know I could leave Reghan with them and not worry (at least not much) about her while we were gone. They did a great job, and Devri says thanks to that experience, Reghan might never have any cousins. At least not for a long time! She's a busy body and wore them totally out. But seriously, thanks guys! I love you and appreciate you being willing to take care of her while I took a much needed vacation!