Monday, August 1, 2011

Home Projects

Yes, sometimes we get the urge to fix up some part of our home during the summer. Actually, that urge happens a lot more often than you might's just that it doesn't always come with a lot of motivation. But Ralph did decide that he'd had enough of our deck being painted this ugly brown color (with about 3/4 of it chipped off), so he and Nate took it apart, planed it all off, and to our pleasant surprise, it was redwood underneath. So he put it back together and put a clear stain over it - it looks so good! I'm so glad he knows so much about home repairs and remodeling. He's definitely handy to have around! :D

Notice the large gap on the end...yeah, the boards had shrunk a bit since the deck was built 10 years ago. When they got it all put back together, oops. We had a 4 inch gap with no board to fill it. Nothing that a quick trip to Home Depot won't fix. With redwood at $17 a board, I'm glad it was only a 4" gap we needed to fill :)
Thanks boys, you do good work!

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